The Plant


ISIA Chlorine dioxide Underwater Production Technology is suitable for all the water treatment applications. Depending on the type of injection, ISIA offers to the client two different arrangements, as shown in the pictures:




For each of the two chemicals (HCI and NaCIO2) we provide a different concrete basin for leakage containment. The tanks are designed in order to assure approximately 1 month coverage.

This area is equipped with:

a. One or more tanks for each reagent (horizontal or verticaI);

b. Loading section (pneumatic or electrical pumps);

c. Instrumentation; 

d. Acid vapours cut down (fume trap);

e. Safety equipment (showers, eye-washers);

f. Facilities (Civil basements, Tanks ladders, piping supports, cable trays etc.).

The piping material can be different: U-PVC, C-PVC or fiberglass (GRP/FRP). 



Depending on the ClO2 demand at the plant, we provide reagent dosing skids with the following customizations:

• Complete redundancy (2 skids for 1 dosing point)

• Partial redundancy (3 skids for 2 dosing points)

• Single (1 skid for each dosing point)

Our skid solution characteristics are:

• Pre installation in a container

• PP frame

• Painted steel support

• Normal or special pump type (available also API675 pumps)

• Instrumentation

• Leakage containment basin with detector (PP)

• Pipe material: C-PVC, U-PVC

The reagent dosing area and the related equipment are installed in a container to protect them and let the operator work in a safe and clean environment. The container is configurable with lights, A/C or heater, service sockets, fan, service sink office and laboratory. Using the container solution we pre-install and test the equipment with the Control System (CS) in our workshop; in this way the time for commissioning at site and the related costs are decreased at the minimum.

This configuration does not decrease the operator safety because the chlorine dioxide has been generated outside the container.



This configuration is the safest solution for the Chlorine Dioxide generation, because the two chemicals and the dilution water are carried from the dosage area up to the injection point separately and protected. 


The generator is directly installed into the water basin so the client will have a ClO2 presence only there. The generator is protected by a fiberglass cover. This type of generator is provided with a diffusion system for the chlorine dioxide in order to distribute it in the water, increasing the efficiency.

With this technology there is no limit for the ClO2 production, with generators always smaller than the others.



Where using the L-type generator is not possible, ISIA solution is the U-type generator, providing a chlorine dioxide solution for every type of plant.


In this case, the chlorine dioxide is produced in the U-type generator and carried up to the injection point by using GRUNDFOS titanium injection pumps. For example, this system can be applied to pressurized injection lines or closed tanks.



Dilution water is a must in this process for the safety point of view. The dilution water line is designed to guarantee always no more than 1-1,5 g/l concentration of chlorine dioxide during the reaction.

For safety reasons, there is always at least a double redundant instruments on this line (flow meter, flow switch) connected to the Control System.

Depending on the plant design and water availability, the dilution water can be pumped, filtered or both.



By using U-type generators, the chlorine dioxide has to be carried from the reaction chamber up to the injection point, by using a pumping station.

In this way ISIA technology can satisfy any customer requirement (for example, we can inject the chlorine dioxide on a high pressurized lines). This pumping station is commonly pre-installed in the container with the Control System and the Dosing area.



ISIA offers several type of solutions for the Electrical Power and Control System, due to its experience all over the world, with different standard and specifications.

All the chlorine dioxide generation systems can be managed by using PLC and Human Machine Interface (HMI) that will be configured providing the best user-friendly interface but, at the same time, the safest program.

The Control System is pre-installed in the container, together with the dosage area and it is tested at ISIA workshop, reducing the costs for the installation at site.

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