Our Technology

Chlorine dioxide is considered much more powerful than chlorine or sodium hypochlorite,...
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The Plant

Chlorine Dioxide technology, together with our automation experience, allow ISIA to provide...
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Engineerized Systems

ISIA Chlorine dioxide Underwater Production Technology is suitable for all the water treatment...
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Compact System

Where there are some space constraints for the installation, the Compact Systems are the...
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ISIA Standard

IISIA Standard System is the result ISIA optimization on its system....
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ISIA's Chlorine Dioxide technology as water disinfectant guarantees the best performances and the highest quality standards at your plant. ISIA offers to the market different kind of Chlorine Dioxide Generation systems for several applications.

This industrial sector requires constantly new applications and solutions to improve its productivity, competitiveness and profitability.

Isia’s interdisciplinary nature and structure focused on the End-User needs allows to reduce project times and costs, improving quality and guaranteeing the supply of products that fulfill almost any customer requirement.

Isia has been working since several years with Final Customers, improving its adaptability capacities to process requirements.