SWCC – Medina (KSA)


In July 2017, GGD (Grundfos Gulf Distribution) and ISIA closed a deal with KITS, a contractor in charge for the revamping a pumping Station in Medina. This pumping station is owned by Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), the Saudi government corporation responsible for the desalination of seawater that supplies potable water to various regions of the kingdom. This project represents a key success because the previous disinfection system was Chlorine Gas and SWCC clearly required to use Chlorine Dioxide, opening the process of technology switching. The Chlorine Dioxide is the proper disinfectant for desalinized potable water because, unlike Chlorine Gas and Sodium Hypochlorite, it avoids the formation of bromate (cancer promoter). This technology switching is the first step for a very interesting business opportunity, considering that KSA is the biggest nation that uses desalination to produce water for citizens and the switch to Chlorine Dioxide will proceed in next years. For this specific project, ISIA will design and deliver two compact generators, to guarantee 100% redundancy, controlled by a common PLC. The capacity is enough to disinfect around 25.000 m3/h of potable water.