Commissioned Chlorine dioxide system for NIP2 Standiana (RA)


Romagna Acque is a company in Ravenna, whose inaugurated the largest plant in Europe of purifying water on September 25, called NIP 2, where ISIA is present with two chlorine dioxide Compact systems.
The new water treatment plant, is powered by the waters from the Emiliano Romagnolo Canal and it has a maximum capacity of 1100 liters of water per second, with an annual flow rate of at least 20 million cubic meters, which are in addition to 110 million today distributed on average, for a total of about 10 million cubic meters. The treatment water plant has been realized under the most modern and efficient concepts and technologies to get a very high water quality; these high standards are reached also by means of the two ISIA Chlorine Dioxide systems that are used for canal water pre-treatement and final potable water disinfection.

A decisive leap of quality of the treatment water for final characteristics equivalent to the treatment water of the Ridracoli Dam where one of our systems is already running.