RGPC (Ras Girtas Power Company)



RGPC (Ras Girtas Power Company)
Final User:
Plant Location:
Ras Laffan Industrial City (Qatar)
Potable water
Reactor type:
U-type reactor
ClO2 design production:
13 Kg/h (for each of 2 reactors)
Dosing strategy:
24 H, Continuous mode
Plant arrangement:
Nos 2x50% NaClO2 storage tanks 50 m3
Nos 2x50% HCl storage tanks 50 m3
Nos 2x100% NaClO2 dosing pumps 60 lt/h
Nos 2x100% HCl dosing pumps 60 lt/h
Nos 2 ClO2 generators
Nos 2 Water buffer tanks 5 m3
Nos 6x100% injetion pumps
Used chemicals:
31% Sodium Chlorite
31-33% Hydrochloric Acid
Type of contract:
 Equipment supply
 Turn-key (EPC)
 Chemicals supply
 Post start-up technical service
 Global Service
 See Client reference letter